Build web apps for quick data logging

Web apps for simple data input. Use the data as CSV in your spreadsheet program of choice.

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Example of web app to log finance data

Form based web apps

With Quick Logging you can build form based web apps for data input. All the data is saved and can be downloaded as a CSV for use in your spreadsheet application.

You can select different fields and restrict access to the web app with a key (based on the URL).

The web app is accessible via a easy to remember URL like "".

You can add your web app with an custom icon to your home screen on iPhone or Andoird devices.

How to create a web app?

Creating your own web app for logging is easy:

  1. Go to the app editor, no account required.
  2. Click the Edit-Button on the top right corner to choose details of your web-app:
    • Choose a name that is displayed in the header bar.
    • Enter a internal name that is used also to access your app.
    • If you want to protect your app enter a key. The key is used in the URL.
    • Enter your email address if you want to edit your app later or want to add more than five fields.
  3. Click "New Field" to add new fields to your app. You can choose Text, Date, Time or Dropdown fields.
  4. If you are ready click "Create app". You will be redirected to your app.

Edit your app(s)

If you want to edit your app and you entered an email address go to the edit page and enter your email address. An email with an access link will be sent ot you.

Edit mode for an example web app


You may wonder what web apps you can build with Quick Logging?
Some ideas:

  • Finance tracker, shared with your family or friends
  • Party registration
  • Fitness logger
  • Food or calories tracker
  • Sleep cycle of your baby
  • Health tracking, e. g. how often do you have headache?
  • And more things you can think of ...




Unlimited Apps with a maximum of 5 fields



One App with unlimited fields



Five Apps with unlimited fields



All your Apps with unlimited fields

First build an application and enter your email address, then you can activate it in the user area.

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If you have questions visit the help page or contact me.