My name is Bernhard, I'm a web developer from Austria and I build Quick Logging. Why did I built Quick Logging?

  • When my girlfriend and I wanted to track our expenses, I built a small web app, where we could select our names, an amount and a deal for our expenses. The data was saved into a CSV which we further used in a spreadsheet program to create diagrams and filter data.
  • When we planned a big party for my friends with 50 - 60 guests I built a small web app for registration to check how many people will come, which food and sport they like. Everything as CSV to later use it in a spreadsheet program.

You can see, I like to build small web apps for daily usage. As they often follow the same pattern - a simple web app for data input - I decided to build a neditor to create such apps.

This is the result and current state. I hope you like it and maybe find a nice usecase for you.

If you have questions, send me an email or tweet me.

Thank you, Best Regards,
— Bernhard from Austria