Questions and Answers


How can I create an app?
Go to the app editor and start with the "Edit"-Button in the top right corner to edit the app details.
What is the app "Name"?
The name of the app is the display name and is used in the header of the app.
What is he app "ID"?
The app ID is used in the URL to identify your app and make it available via an easy to remember URL.
What is the "Access Key"?
The access key is optional and protects your app with a passphrase. You need to provide the key in the URL when you want to access your app. Access is only permitted with the key.
Why do I need to enter my email address?
You don't need to enter your email address when you create an app. But if you do, you can later edit the app and maybe activate the app to use more than five fields.
How can I add a field?
Just click the button "Add Field" in the app editor. In the following dialog you can choose a label for your field and the type. If you choose "Dropdown" you can enter values for the dropdown field in the appearing text field. For each value use a new line. If you want to use a label and a value for your Dropdown options just separate them with a semicolon. However this is optional.
Which fields are available?
Currently you can use text, date, time and dropdown fields.
I need other field types!
More fields are planned, if you have an idea for a specific field contact me.
How can I add more than five fields?
First, enter a email address in the app details modal (button at the top right corner) and save the app. You need to subscribe to a plan to add more than five fields. To activate an app and use more than five fields go to the user area. If you have an active subscription and "Activate" button appears right after your apps. Based on your plan you can activate one, five or unlimited apps.


How can I use my app?
You app is available with the URL "". Just enter the URL in your browser. If you added a key to your app you need to append "?key=YOUR_KEY" at the end of the URL.
How do I get the logged data?
You can download all logged data as CSV with the URL "". If you protected the app with a key you also need to append "?key=YOUR_KEY" at the end of the URL.


How can I edit my app?
You can only edit apps if you entered an email address. Go to the user area, enter your email address and you will receive an access link via email.